The best looking nigguhs around they dont take no shit.
Brandon Moyer is one hella crazy nigguh/peckerwood/porch monkey
by Crazy Niguuh September 23, 2013
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1. A statement void of all logic and reason with no intention to change whatsoever. To create a Moyerism, one must fail to see reason or rationale of any kind and/or additionally rail against fact as truth.

2. A truth held self-evident, but is either circular in logic, or absolutely unreasonable.

3. A positively false statement, made with a stubborn refusal to change without explanation. Alternatively, a messiah complex of some sort.
1. These people judge based on their Moyerisms, and refuse to see reason no matter how blatent.

2.(as a reply to a statement) That is a Moyerism.
by whatever February 06, 2005
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The process of stopping or interrupting a coworker for more than 15 minutes with a non-urgent matter when they are in a hurry, in the middle of an important task, on break, or leaving for the day. The action is often deemed inconsiderate, rude, or disruptive to the person on the receiving end of it.
I'm sorry I'm running late, I was moyered by Stan when I was leaving.
Please don't moyer Caitlyn today, she has to finish those reports for the client by 5 pm.
Jeff was moyering Randy before the meeting, he wasn't able to prepare for the presentation.
by fuzzywasabear February 04, 2020
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A man who gets massive boards, babies people in the paint, misses open layups, is Shaq at the free throw line, and losses the Moyer Games
Player- Who is that monster in the paint that air-balled a free throw
Located on the right of the bench
Coach- To the right you will see Shaq also known as moyer
by theswagmasterstealyourgirl December 21, 2016
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The act of searching the internet hoping to see information about the actor Stephen Moyer and deriving sexual enjoyment and gratification.
I felt like a voyeur as I performed my "daily moyerism" of surfing the internet to find photos of Stephen Moyer.
by lynnpd99 February 28, 2009
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effected with the satanic rage virus at a young age the moyers man has become the most effective killing machine in the history of the universe. this is possible because he knows satan himself and has a latter to hell in his yard next to his driveway. he also has a satan shrine in his back yard.
he is hells leading assasin and he wont hesitate to call on the powers of the dark prince to fuck someone or something up!!!!!!!!!!
by ????? March 13, 2004
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When you poop and masturbate at the same time. Just like the king: Paul Moyer
Max Picut was Paul Moyering when the king himself, Paul Moyer, came and showed him how it was done.
by BBMMC October 23, 2013
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