To be Run Down.
To be Shot.
Street Racing : "My phat unmodified Holden Monaro easily mowed down Johnny's Riced Up Honda Civic."
Killa : "I mowed him down in my car, I think he died, I dunno I jus' left him lying there."
Killa Beez : "Antwun Beaumont got mowed down in sum gangsta shit in the early hours of this morning."
by Diego September 4, 2003
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to run over someone with a car, truck, or other motored vehicle
High School Freshman: Damn I wish I had a nice sports car like that... I'm so jealous I think I'll egg your car!

High School Senior: I'll kick your ass if you do that.

High School Freshman: You have to catch me first!

High School Senior: Fine then... I'll just use my car to mow down your ass.
by Syrael December 8, 2010
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1- to destroy or kill

2- to run over

3- to defeat, or overcome
"Do you think that burning wagons in the night and mowing down tired outnumbered Baratheons is the same as facing a prepared and provisioned Lanister army?" --Roose Bolton says to Ramsey Bolton after defeating Stanis
#mow down
by SunnyIslandBeach May 30, 2016
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Pronunciation: mao down

To eat greedily and voraciously. Synonym for "chow down," pronounced so that "mow" rhymes with "chow."
Let me just finish this one thing, then we can go out and just mow down on some sweet Indian food.
by WreckLoose October 23, 2011
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(n.) a conflict that results in devastating results (literally or metaphorically) to all but one of the parties involved.

(v.) the act of devastating one's competitors.
(n.) That basketball game was a total mow down. The Celtics nearly doubled the other team's score!

(v.) I was playing Call of duty and used the machine gun to mow down all my opponents
by wizardofrhythmn February 1, 2011
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to get something to eat, especially after smoking weed.
"dude iam so stoned right now i could go for some mow downs."
by scottish95104 January 31, 2009
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Mow Em Down - A phrase often used during a heated game of beer pong to encourage ones partner to make multiple cups in succession. Most effective when yelled loudly as one word: "MOWEMDOWN"

Also used to describe a team or players performance, showing complete domination of the opposing side. True fans may even own multiple pieces of brightly colored clothing with the phrase "mow em down" proudly displayed.

Basically a huge motivation to one's teamates, regardless of the game, to hear MowEmDown. Rumor has it that American troops were heard yelling MOW-EM-DOWN while storming the beach at Normandy and the Battle of Bull Run.
After missing yet another cup AJ finished his Smirnoff Ice and yelled to his partner "MOW EM DOWN!!"

"Did you see Tiger play the other day?"
"Yeah man he went ham and Mowed Down the whole field"
by KegStack December 4, 2011
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