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Pronunciation: mao down

To eat greedily and voraciously. Synonym for "chow down," pronounced so that "mow" rhymes with "chow."
Let me just finish this one thing, then we can go out and just mow down on some sweet Indian food.
by WreckLoose October 23, 2011
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n. A strong emotion of anger, specifically anger that is caused or exacerbated by overly emotional attachment to a person or issue.

adj. The state of being caremad.

One can be caremad at a close friend or loved one because they are unable to separate their emotions from the situation. One can also be caremad about a highly controversial or political issue because they are unable to consider the issue analytically and without emotional bias.

The term's origins are unknown but some of its earliest usages were in the programming community, in reference to programmers who were emphatically emotional or biased in aspects of their craft. Examples of common caremad issues include the "religious war" between emacs and vim text editors, or the extreme amount of vitriol directed toward the users of Systems Hungarian Notation.
Person 1: "ARRRGHH Facebook Timeline is the STUPIDEST idea EVER, it's impossible to read and it's uglier than a neanderthal's miscarried fetus. Fuck you Mark Zuckerberg, I hope you read this and then you fucking die."
Person 2: "Whoa, caremad much?"

"Baby, I want to love you, but you just keep fucking it up."

"I'm only mad because I care."
by WreckLoose August 22, 2012
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