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An amazing, kind-hearted, multi-talented person with a wildly ambitious personality. Forever akward at heart but won't let you know it. Treats you with nothing but respect and sends off hella positive vibes to everyone around and fakes laughs at all your jokes. He is usually found working hard towards his goals, chillin with his bros, respecting women or writing songs about his ex. You probably won't find a more compassionate friend in your life tbh. Get you an Antwun.
White girl: Omg, have you heard Antwun's latest track on SoundCloud?? I swear it I fw it so much!

Black girl: I don't listen to that nigga. He supposed to be black but he sound like a white boy who graduated with all honors. Smh, f**king Oreo.
by Trademark69 July 13, 2018
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A guy who typically tries to get every girl he can. He usually doesn't succeed tho.
Dude, that Antwun is sucha playa
by Lolthatonechick July 17, 2016
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