Something that you say to tell someone, especially rude, to:

1. get out of your face or get out your face
2. leave you alone
3. move to the next (another person)
4. move to the side
5. get out of your/the way or get out your way
6. get away
7. go elsewhere (relocate)
Move around if all you is is a mouthpiece.

You ain't saying nothing, move around."

I'm not gonna argue with you, so move around if that's your intentions.
Used in Texas slang for get out my face, get away, or relocate.
"Man, you talking all that bullsh**...move around!"
"You ain't talking about nothing, so move around."
"We had to move around."
by LADI March 22, 2006
The act of managing by moving multiple people from position to position without a real reason other than to look like management is taking place.
after hearing the manager yell: "Carl, take over on fries, Winston, jump to the grill, John, take some orders." Bob could not help but grimace, realizing that another day of move-around-management is taking place.
by Zazelmaf March 8, 2010
Meg: I'm gonna order some pizza and then we're gonna move some furniture around. You understand?
Castiel: N-no, I don't unders--
Meg: 😈
Castiel: I uNdErStAnD
by mynoduesP sI mynoduesP yM July 24, 2020
asking somebody to move their tongue around more
Daniel you should move your tongue around more.
by nood564 May 20, 2019