The male sex organ at rest, not aroused, just lying there, doing nothing.
I wouldn't brag about your mouse unless its a Mighty one.
by Ladyship September 26, 2013
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A typo of the word "nice" originating from comments about a mix from a DJ Hero vid on YouTube that somehow has gotten past the radar of finicky duh-weebs.

"Hella mice."

"This iz mice as hell."

"This song is the micest of all the mixes I've heard so far!"

"DJ Hero is fukin' mice!!!!!!!"

"Mice ass"

"Weezer vs. Evidence?! MICE."

"WTF does mice mean?"
by OutrageousThinking November 04, 2009
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Mouse: a small-boned hardcore kid, who spends his time being nice to people's computers and seducing thse that are sleeping.
geez, did you see the horrid carnage mouse did to the singer of Walk a Mile's computer? that thing went to hell in a basket...
by XbloodXandXcookiesX April 17, 2004
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