The act of one ejaculating in the water to create a cloud to ward off predators.
Dude there was a shark chasing me, the only reason I survived was because I inked it in the face. I only just had enough time to escape. Yeah I gave that shark a real inking
by Communist boi 68 plus 1 March 13, 2019
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the leftover cum that slowly seeps out of a girl's vagina when a guy goes inside her.
allison: "last night bill went inside and and i've been inking all day"
by J3NNYS@R@H May 21, 2011
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a tatto...
Joe the tattoo-artist: What kinda ink do you want?
Suzy: The words 'and now a few words from our sponser' on my inner right thigh, and the words 'we're back' on my left thigh.
Joe the tattoo-artist: That's an odd tattoo. Why do you want that?
Suzy: So my husband has something to snack on during the football commercials.

Yeah it's a crappy joke, fuck you
by sum guy January 28, 2003
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An expression tattoo artists use to suggest that once a project has started there is no real going back.

Can be used to suggest there is no turning back once you pass a certain point.
I am in the ink on this project and have no choice but to see it through and deal with the consequences.
by Aimalah March 27, 2013
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havin many tattoos, the act of getting tattooed.

NOT to be confused with being cool: tattoos do not turn succkas into cool beings- ya just a suckka who's inked.
fred durst thinks just cause he's INKED, he's worth a shyt.
by shanirok November 15, 2003
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