Inking the toilet bowl, or simply inking. Referencing the act of explosively squirting a viscous black fluid out of the sphincter into the fresh, clear toiler water; consequently, causing an instantaneous cloud of murky, impenetrable fecal matter; similarly to that of the ocean-dwelling octopi defense mechanism.
Through extensive, continuous World of Warcraft stimulation, I subconsciously consumed 3 large bagfuls of Flaming Hot Cheetos. Eight hours into a critical grinding session against the Wrath King's loyal minions, my stomach began to violently erupt. A few quick steps from the computer station, and into the bathroom, I helplessly hovered over the toilet. After a series of strenuous forcing, I felt an incredible relief of pressure as my asshole exploded into a "Flaming Hot" blaze; consequently, inking the toilet bowl.
by Drederick Tatum November 16, 2011
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The sniffing or huffing of dog feses, more commonly known on the streets as shit. Its been compared to drugs like Peyote and LSD. Not to be confused with Cheesing.
"Dude I was inking last night on some collie shit. It felt like a rattlesnake gave me a rim job."
by Thedude.dude March 11, 2010
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the leftover cum that slowly seeps out of a girl's vagina when a guy goes inside her.
allison: "last night bill went inside and and i've been inking all day"
by J3NNYS@R@H May 21, 2011
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girl: I ink everyday now guys!
girl 2: I ink with my toothbrush
girl 3: I cought my mom inking last week!
by vballer99 October 10, 2016
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