"Her ***** was so tight, it felt like I was ******* a mouse ear!"
by thadddeus April 6, 2009
Unusually small and tight cunt.
Me nobs red raw, I shagged this bird last night and she had a fanny like a mouses ear.
by Jamie April 13, 2003
The plural, mouse's ears, is used to describe the position a stripper gets in when she is crawling slowly towards you and her ass cheeks appear to be on top of her head like those of the beloved Disney critter.

Also, the name of a great strip club in Johnson City, TN
Sam, did you see the set of mouse's ears on that stripper when she was coming at us on all fours?
by mgbeach September 7, 2006
Oh yah BOB that girl has got one nice lil mouse ear on her!!!
by G-unityahhhhh December 22, 2008
A small but extremely potent hit of cocaine
Yo man, I'm gettin' paid on the twos and fours, you gonna dig me some of these Colombian mouse ears at my crib on the flip side?
by Rondell Lamar Smith February 10, 2007