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The worship of the Moomin Clan. Derives from the cowish word for crazy-fuckers. Moominists often walk around in heards of around 8 and half chanting the words of their great leader Moomin-Papa. The strange cow like figure once said famously: "Today, I would like to show you the drawing room... which normally i would love to do. Only... you see... I've just been on a heroin fuelled BENDER. Consequently, my bowls are in a weakened state. OHHH GOOD LORD"
(see google "ohh good lord")

Moominists eat dog meat.

Note: This is in no way related to Drugs or condones the use of, or fuelled by any drug intake. Apart from heroin oh which it is directly related to and we encourage the use of. It is also fuelled by heroin and all procedes go towards heroinism
Holy shit... that Moominist can sure take his urine.

You know that bird last night? We got some good bloomin-moomin shit mo fokka.
by Tom March 02, 2005
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