A website you can win money from by playing games to double your money. They start you out with a penny and u must work your way up from their. You will never get enough money so don't bother trying.
I was on moola last night and i got up to a dollar but lost it all. I was so pissed i fucking threw my computer out the fucking window.
by Masterpenis February 11, 2008
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It is an answer to any question or can mean anything like it can mean thank you or yes
Ur outfit is so cute!! Moola
by Nooner December 04, 2019
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Lily was at work, she had just finished a long session with Aron, Aron payed her in lots and lots of moola because she was so good. He went back for more of her booty the next day, and gave more moola
by Hot stories January 07, 2021
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Utter fanswagalisticness. It can refer to a person or crab. This creature can save the world.
Girl: Ugh I can't even today!
Friend: OMG we better call a moola crab to make it better!
by Mmeow_meoww April 18, 2015
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