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A town in North Jersey. Quiet, boring, and tranquil. Populated by hoes and wanna be bros. People from Montville are generally Jewish, Chinese, and extremely wealthy. 80% of Montville consists of pot heads.
You need weed? Just go to Montville... Those rich hoes always have it to sell.
by Montvillian April 04, 2005
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other wise known as "the ville" where guidos,hicks,jew,italians,asians,and indians mix to make an amazing town.... people always say "mad" instead of "very".theres a bitch fight every year.sluts start fucking in middle school so they think their cool.the freshman are mad beat hoes who go around like its their day job.everyone talks shit about each other.a bitch fight happens every year.the Asians cheat off each other because there parents will beat them if they get a 95.and the weed,so much of it is here and 90% of the school has tried it.theres even coke and ecstasy here if you look hard enough.everyone wants to go to an open house but people are to pussy to have one.everyone talks about how they hate this town and cant wait until college.
adult 1-"lets move to montville,i heard there schools are great"

adult 2-"hell no,there is no way im raising our new kid there,the people suck and are about drama and the schools going to shit anyway"
by guidohick69420 April 04, 2011
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lame, boring town, filled with potheads and fake sluts. nothing exciting ever happens here, except for an occasional awesome girl fight. the cheerleaders are beat, the homos hang out in the parking lot everyday after school, and the band members consider themselves 'athletes'
hey lets go to montville tonight!
nahhh montville is gay.
by hailey no'hara October 16, 2009
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Montville is a rich town in white jersey (oops, north jersey) populated by Italians and japs, and Asians. Money is prominate, as seen by its "actresses" on Real Housewives of New Jersey. The high school is highly ranked and competitive, but the kids, and parents, know the system. Friend groups range from cliques, and your money determines you. Alcohol and especially weed are always available, and the house parties are pretty dope. You can't hide from mustang pride--or the resident's pride, but deep down the town has a huge heart and good people.
"Let's go to Montville tonight." "You mean the ville?"
by Da ville November 27, 2013
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Located in Southeast Connecticut along the Thames River. Has a top-notch casino. Montville girls were known to kiss differently than the girls from East Lyme (the Montville girls would kiss with their tongues extended out of their mouths, whereas the East Lyme girls used tongues closed-mouth).
Damn, I want me some fun tonite, so I'm goin' to Montville. The girls there are top-shelf.
by Class of 84 November 27, 2003
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The holy town of all three prophets of Shi'ite Muslims (John Sheehan the white one, Piyush the hairy, and Angad the turbinator)
PIYUSHv egfdfa dsads
James heart Piyush
by Piyush worshiper May 06, 2005
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