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Piyush it is a very hot and attractive person .with a very good mind
1st girl :do u know piyush he is a very hot boy
2nd girl:yes afcourse all girls know about piyush
by What u know August 31, 2018
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A very pious liquid that makes you immortal. it is said that God do have Piyush. A very rare available holy extract.

DESCRIPTION- This is a word of Hindi literature.
God enjoyed PIYUSH to be immortal.
by Piyush Kumar sinha June 25, 2006
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Piyush ,according to the Vedas is referred to the ultimate cat hunter ,from the valappil tribe, during dwapara yuga, according to the Indian mythology.
Oh, here comes the big assed Piyush
by Sushil valappil May 12, 2018
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Hottest boy in the world has a very large penis and is very athletic. Very attractive and gets all the chicks
by Piyush May 03, 2015
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A teenage boy who's addicted to watching too much porn. Masturbation is like oxygen for him; he jerks off at least 3 times a day. Unfortunately his dick is only 4 inches long, but he manages to make the most out of it. Habituated Pervert, all of his teachers like to hit him on the face, and all Piyush thinks of is giving them a great facial after they give him a wonderful blowjob. Keep your wife safe, Piyush might rape the living daylight out of her
Piyush raped our class teacher just before final exams and secured 95% in his examinations

Piyush masturbated to the girl with large, milky, voluptuous tits while she was studying in the Library
Piyush had to give his speech in front of the audience, his speech was excellent, the only problem was he had a boner
I really hope Piyush doesnt rape my sister again
by The one and only know-it-all January 20, 2019
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A vegetable of East Indian origin that is a member of the cabbage family. Often stewed and added to homeopathic brews used in the treatment of various dermatologic ailments including acne, warts, and boils. Has a distinctly potent and pungent odor that characteristicly lingers for a long time.
Dayam, what is that smell?! Ahh it must be piyush.
by zedudette December 13, 2006
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