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Name of Italian woman doctor and anthropologist who studied children's behavior for the first half of the 20th century. She developed an educational system that allows children to learn and experience the world with the goal of being a thoughtful, contributing member of society. Often called "cosmic education" because of its well-rounded approach. Very often misunderstood in the USA because teacher-led classrooms are in direct opposition to Montessori's student-led method of learning.
That Montessori school has it going on: geography, practical life, grace and courtesy, a garden, and those kids can read, write, and do math!!
by Montessori Mama August 07, 2005
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A quixotic, idealistic-but-not-representative-of-truth, educational style in which underachieving children are allowed to define their own curriculum.

These children typically do not receive homework or other supplemental study aids of a challenging nature, because it would, of course, disrupt their mental state and disturb them emotionally.

Since, in turn they, are 'allowed' and encouraged to work at their own lackadaisical pace, they, of course, study their materials as hard as they possibly can.

Montessori does not "push" academics, but rather lets children play and recognizes that at the ages of 4, or 5, or 7, or 12, kids are still developing their creativity, imagination, and mental capacity to recognize when things are too difficult. Also, teachers help the students grow by forming 1-on-1, nonsexual relationships 7hrs/day for 3 years, because the alternative is stressful and can lead to an increase in the rate of suicide.

They are also exposed to situations in which they can improve their ability to socialize and be a constructive member of society. In small classes of 5 to 25 students, these kids develop their social skills by delving deeper into personal, meaningful relationships than in those gross, nasty public schools with 300+ kids per grade!

Many attend college too! Not only do they often skip Junior College, but they go to an amazing repertoire of colleges, ranging from your local community college to ITT-Tech, University of Pheonix, or even DeVry!
Billy: I'm the valedictorian of my Montessori school!
Joe: Wow. What'd you get on the SAT?
Billy: A whopping 1350 out of 2400.
by MariaMontey January 20, 2013
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school for special handicap children that cannot pass regular school, and find this alternate way instead of dropping out. most commonly known for the school with children that play with theyre turtles.
i go to a montessori school.
thats nice.. go play with ur turtle.
by ksharp January 24, 2005
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