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the act of masturbation on a rainy day to the game of monopoly. usually occurs when alone. results may vary but almost always ends with the person rubbing monopoly money all over their sexual organ of choice and exclaiming "I'm RICH BITCH" at the point of climax.
Guy 1: Hey bud we've got nothing to do today... ugh... and it is raining.

Guy 2: I think I'm going to go home and make this day better by monopulating all over my freaking house.


That little slut monopulates at her house every rainy day. You definitely can tell because that little bitch gets excited when i buy her anything. Not only that she gets off by imagining she is blowing off G.I. Joes for bubble gum money.
by kyjellyfighter February 13, 2010
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(v.) - To monopolize a situation, event, your girlfriend's best friend, etc. through manipulation; taking control of something through influence such as charm, liquor, etc.
There was precious little Charlie didn't either outright own or have a piece of the action in Chicagotown. From sweet-talking his way into high society or brute force kills in the underworld, he had monopulated the entire organized crime scene. He was king and he would never let anyone forget that.
by Mr. Subatomic January 04, 2004
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The act of someone monopolizing all of something in a manipulative way. Anything can be monopulated - your affections, a person, the hot water in the shower, the remote control, someone's time...See Time Vampire
I can't believe that slutty girl is trying to MONOPULATE the attention of every cute guy in the bar! She is such a MONOPULATIVE little bitch!
by team grammatard January 26, 2010
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