A person who finds creative ways to needlessly waste his/her friends time. Normally done during working hours, and involves elaborate, tedious and often ambiguous messages or tasks that need to be deciphered. 10 out of 10 times, it turns out to be utter nonsense.
OMG, Fraser sent us another one of his bloody cryptic messages. How he has any friends, I don't know, because he is such a fucking Time Vampire.
by Everyone Hates Fraser August 21, 2018
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human beings who believe, regardless of how old they become, that the entire world revolves around them, and thus, SUCK the time from anything you may be doing. Contraindications are usually avoidance, but bribery has been known to work in some circles. Relocation physical proximity is often the only cure once bitten; that, and blocking them from being able to send any kind of Ethernet, internet or dog catcher's net transmissions.
They are such Time Vampires - I can get nothing done when they are around.
by libertyuk July 21, 2008
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Something or someone who literally sucks your time like a vampire sucks blood.
My computer broke again, I spent all night working on that fucking time vampire.
by Bob Box February 23, 2009
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A Time Vampire (person who sucks up all your time) who calls you at home from their mobile phone while driving. The Drive Time Vampire caller has nothing important to say, and just wants something to do while driving, but they end up keeping you on the phone forever, so you can’t get anything done at home.
I was trying to get some work done at home when a Drive Time Vampire kept me on the phone for his entire two hour commute to work.
by SnotBubbleBoy January 31, 2011
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A person or thing that, like a vampire, sucks an inordinate amount of time from your schedule.
"Remember that software bug I found? Well, I was working on that vampire time suck of a project for hours."
by Metrosexuwell April 29, 2009
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