When a web sites is ragingly prejudiced against all browsers but one.
That site only works in Safari, I hate monobrowed sites!
by SuedeStar May 21, 2009
A continuous strip of hair often found below the forehead. Often makes the individual sporting the aformentioned monobrow look particularly sinister or like a poor mans Michael Hestletine. The possession of a monobrow can almost certainly lead to the conclusion that the individual is also in possession of a particularly thatched chuffwig or in male terms a love nest that can only be likened to taking a jolly through the sparce but beautiful and necessary wilderness of Bush Gardens, Tampa Bay, Florida.
'Alright Nichols, I see you've trimmed the brow this fine morning, i can almost see you're face today'.
by Olaf Peterson October 1, 2004
Two eyebrows that join into one.
Look at that hobo over there, he's got a monobrow!
by Rit December 14, 2004
someone who has one long eyebrow (usually bushy) right across their forehead. often implies untrustworthiness.
that Robert's a bit of a monobrow isn't he, Beverley?
by poodlewrestler June 26, 2003
It's a synonym for unibrow
A lot of girls get their eyebrown waxed because they have a MONOBROW.
by Jessa March 1, 2005
a. the unfortunate state of having one large eyebrow across yo nasty ass mug
b. the inability to use a pair of tweezers, aka forrest gumpery
dude, look at patricia. with that monobrow she looks like fuckin bert from the sesame street.
by alli bear October 12, 2007
1)individual, usually residing in Chicago, who has been in school for 14 consecutive years and has a single eyebrow spanning both eyeballs.

2)Eddie Munster lookalike.
Steve: "Have you spoken to Brian Daly in a while?"
Carl: "No. Have you?"
Steve: "No."
Carl: "Last time I saw him he was throwing up after, like, 4 wine coolers.”
Steve: “I wonder if he still has that monobrow?"
by Hog1 October 24, 2003