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monkey like, monkey like tastes, almost always untrue, always playing games, masterminding everyone, masterfucker, but joyous fellow, heavy drinker, everything' f-cker
GW was sure a monky punk
by phijo29 October 01, 2011
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MONKY, Adjective: to be monk-like. Also: celibate. Not to be confused with "monkey" (a small to medium sized primate).
DEVOUT CATHOLIC: I really want to be a priest.

BISHOP: Are you monky enough?
by Agnos Morehead August 05, 2006
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1. A hairy animal

2. 2 girls called Katie Orpin and Poppy Gibson

3. A racist term for blak people
Look at the fucking monkey doing no work

look at them two monkies
by d-diggley-69 April 25, 2007
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the plural of monkey according to some intellectual spoken English teachers.
The plural of monkey is monkies.

Look at those monkies who are trying to teach English
by Mr. 2603 September 08, 2018
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Something to describe if you are basically a monkey. If you say this set of words, you will basically be a literal fucking monkey. I'm serious.
1. basically...I'm Monky.
via giphy
by SpringyTheItalianYT October 11, 2018
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