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Monicitis is the disease that causes a slew of negative side effects listed in the formal post listed above.

However, recent medical research at John Hopkins University has brought several new side effects to attention.

Including but not limited to;

-Posting false definitions attempting to undermind the work of Dr. Louis Tres
-Awful hair
-Absence of linguistic formalities. For instance, if there was a building that stood for grammatical integrity, monicitis would be the plane that crashed into it.
-STD's (Yes, monicitis is an STD that apparently causes more STD's)<--- Truly a medical anomaly.

Researchers at John Hopkins have also informed me that they are currently testing experimental medicine which could lead to an antidote(monicdote). More information on this "monicdote" will be posted as it is received.
Timmuel - "Whoa that bitch just stepped up to mah boy lewey trey(Dr. Louis Tres)!"

Dr. Louis Tres - "Timmuel calm down my sweet chinchilla, its just the side effect of that nasty disease Monicitis."

Timmuel - "No wonder! No one with that disgusting disease could ever in any capacity be better than my boy Dr. Louis Tres!"
by Dr Louis Tres January 21, 2010
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a "disease" made up by a scene fagot who got pretty jealous hen he/she was denied sex to a girl named monica. their only way of getting back at her for not fooling around with them was to make up a ridiculously stupid thing up about her on urban dictionary.
hey i'm a gay scene kid who wants to make fun of someone 8737548x's cooler than me... we'll call it monicitis ;)
by yousuckassssssssssssssforever January 19, 2010
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