A cheesy mustache that gives the wearer the appearance of a stereotypical 1970s child molester.
John's new molestache makes me want to hide my kid whenever I see him
by delapine April 30, 2010
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Noun: a moustache that transforms a normal man into a man that appears to have child molesting tendencies.
John sure looks like a child molester now that his molestache has filled in.
by Mike Nosty May 05, 2016
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A word to describe any person or faggots mustache that looks exactly like peach fuz glued to your face in the hopes of attracting a 7 year old victim....or looking like a complete gay retard
Timmy did you see the that one teacher's molestache...I think he was hunting for prey last night
by Chromy crusher May 15, 2018
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