When someone modestly is a intelligence that the average individual could only share a fraction of they’re knowledge. Comes off and intends to be analysed as idiotic because they know no one could comprehend how they feel..
I typically strive for Modesty idicrocy, modest in idcrocy because I offend more people then I explain myself too.
by Titus dyfilid February 26, 2019
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A stitch put in low cut tops, dresses and jumpsuits that pulls the neckline in over the chest together so less cleavage / décolletage is shown.
"I love this new dress but it's very low cut. I think I need to put a modesty stitch in it."
by whyisthismyname March 23, 2019
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An item of clothing or material that is worn over the female genetalia as a fashion piece or purely to protect the area from foreign matter.
"Hey Rose, I thought you looked different tonight - just realised it's because of your modesty flap!"
by kelstra August 5, 2009
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Telling people you are good at something until someone agrees with you, which in part you deny that you are good at all.
Shogo: So you're all "I got the music in me" 'til someone agrees with you? Then it's all..I'm gonna call it false modesty. Can't have it both ways...I've heard you play. Stick with, "I got the music in me." It's a better fit. Confidence, Shuya, confidence.
by Ziveeman November 21, 2005
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Someone using their own sexually loaded morality code to obsess about defining and setting rule standards on how other people should dress.
Prudish authoritarians are the most sex-obsessed people on earth. That goes for modesty kinksters and homophobes alike.
by SiegaPlays April 10, 2018
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She is a beautiful, confident girl who is a walking ray of sunshine. Modesty has amazing hair and the prettiest smile and cutest laugh in the world, and brings joy to everyone around her. She's a dancing, math-ing, theatre icon who has an undeniably good taste in fashion. She is super fun to hang around and will make you super comfortable, thanks to her natural kindness, humour and inner + outer beauty. Once you look upon Modesty's face, you will 100% fall in love with her.

Modesty is, in summary, a GODDESS.
You should all get yourself a friend like Modesty.
by bingbangbongbam February 10, 2022
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A woman that claims to hold traditional values who posts numerous pictures of herself modestly dressed on various social media platforms in order to seek male attention.
Katie’s posted like 15 pictures of herself this week dressed in a skirt and veil, she’s being such a modesty thot.
by marcellefebvre July 12, 2021
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