Person 1: she was hot
Person 2: she must have been a modesty
by yeetusfeeetus August 17, 2019
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This is a layer of fabric added to thin halters or bikini tops in order to make its underlying features less evident.
I once bought a bikini top that had really thin fabric; Mom insisted that I sew in a modesty layer underneath or even wear a bra.
by eViL pOp TaRt June 20, 2006
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The half wall mounted between two urinals to protect a person from splashes and looky-loos.
Man, that modesty shield preveted me from checking out that dudes package.
by mreverting September 8, 2007
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The simple requirement that everyone must dress modestly.

The objective of mandated modesty is to assimilate the culture with traditionalist ideals. The way the masses dress can often be reflective of the state of the culture... in today's age, the typical American will wear sweatpants, graphic t-shirts, 3XL shirts, revealing clothing, awful looking shoes, and so on... These examples serve as a representation of a society that is lazy, depressed, overweight, promiscuous, obsessed with consuming, and ultimately without a purpose- the antithesis of excellence.

This idea is similar to the "broken window theory" regarding that the appearance of the surrounding environments can influence the behaviors of those within that environment. In essence, people will act in accordance with the beauty -or lack of- in their environment.

The low-IQ explanation: Requiring people to "fake it until they become it" to improve the culture.
"I'm tired of walking into Walmart and seeing 3XL graphic t-shirts with coomer-esque references... This is why we need Mandated Modesty!"
by Screwoffcapitalist January 27, 2022
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1. To achieve a high mark on a test or exam and act upset about it, in hopes of having everyone else think that your standards are remarkably high.
2. To achieve 100% on a test or exam and wait for someone to ask how you did on it so that you can respond with "oh I did OK" and then hide the test in your notebook hoping that the person finds it later on and thinks that you are the most modest person in the world.
3. To ask someone what they got on their test in hopes that they ask you what you got on yours. (This can be combined with 1 and 2)
1. (3 combined with 2)
A - What did you get on your physics?
B - I just barely passed, how did you do?
A - Oh I passed too. (hides test in an easy to find place hoping that B sees it out of the corner of his eye.)
by Simon Lee March 19, 2005
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when people try to be modest and say they're not gonna do something well. and then they kick ass at it and won't accept compliments and continue to bash themselves.
Asian Guy: I can't really play this piece very well...
proceeds to play piece really well
Other Guy: Dude that was great!
Asian Guy: No it wasn't.
Other Guy: Your fake modesty annoys me. Shut up and take the compliment like a man.
by seans November 22, 2007
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To Tell everyone that what you did is bad , knowning all the way that what you did is good , just so everybody says the opposite .
Usualy used by women .
Number One :
EmoGothgirl666 : OMG , My blog is made of shit >_< (By The Way , eveyone is made of)
EmoboyLestatDarkness : Don't say that , it's great ^^ !!! !! !!
Useful Idiot : Stop talking shit -_- .
We don't need False Modesty around here ...

Number Two :
GeekBeauty : I'm not good looking , I'm ugly >_____<
D00D : No , you really are :Shamed: ^^' !! ! !!! !! !
by Salmoneus June 15, 2007
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