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A rare name from Japanese dialect which means "Plotting Potato". Shogos love plotting (they are ambitious), laugh at lots of things and are sometimes evil. Being a Shogo means that you will be seen by the teacher as a f*ckhead, be seen by your friends as someone who thinks out of the box and be seen by your girlfriend as a friendly cool guy who unfortunately makes her do most of the shopping. Shogos live in vast underground caverns (preferably made out of bomb craters) and have nice toothbrushes.
Joe: Man it's dat Shogo dude again
Bob: He bez' be thinkin' o' one o' dem plots again
Joe: Damn he prob'ly come to annoy us again
Bob: Get de Honda
Shogo: Heheheh works every time
by NoMistake March 27, 2014
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Plastic hubs with a chrome design that are fixed to bicycle wheels to create the look of an after-market wheel. Sho-Gos simulate chrome rims that you would see on cars and trucks.
If your not ridin on Sho-Gos, you ain't ridin.
by DTA54 July 10, 2008
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Remember all too much about reputitive posts and boring subjects. Turned evil and begin laughing at everybody.
Member: Shogo is posting 2 months old stuff again. She's evil.
Shogo: No, I am not!! XDDD
by NetherNomad November 16, 2004
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