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Bunny Syndrome is a very serious disease!

It turns humans into mutes! And mutes into completely isolated social retards.

Symptoms include:

- Extreme shyness causing an inabilty to talk to the opposite sex coherently

- Nervousness to the point of shaking, dry mouth, thought loss, and/or loss of words

- Denying that girls want your penis when in reality they are actally lusting for it in an almost in humane manner.

- Studying in the libary during lunch hours rather than haning out with friends or trying to make friends.

- No interest in social/cultural events such as "HOMECoMING"

- Making a handle titled "Bunny Meatball"

There are many other symtoms to this mind eating disease that are so subtle, not even the most tricked out mind doctor can detect their housing.

If you show signs of this killer, go straight for your local drug dealer or liquor store, and diposit as many barbs, liquors, or intoxicants into your body as humanly possible. Then write, "GO SEE CAMILLE" (in case you forget)on your hand(s) and start a journey to go see the damn girl that you obviously can't soberly communicate with!!!
John: I need help. There's this girl I like but I don't know what to say whenever she sits next to me.
George: You, my friend, have the Bunny Syndrome. Now snap out of it and ask her out already.
by Ziveeman November 11, 2005
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Telling people you are good at something until someone agrees with you, which in part you deny that you are good at all.
Shogo: So you're all "I got the music in me" 'til someone agrees with you? Then it's all..I'm gonna call it false modesty. Can't have it both ways...I've heard you play. Stick with, "I got the music in me." It's a better fit. Confidence, Shuya, confidence.
by Ziveeman November 20, 2005
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