Two hippies pondered the magnitude of tweakers in Eugene, Oregon that ride around at night with their headlamps and flashy electronic gadgets. They developed the best term for the light headgear over the process of two days. They came to the ultimate definition: Crystal Methamphetamine User Style Cranial Detachable Illumination Device.
Did you see that dude flying by shirtless? It's 35 degrees outside. Yeah, that guy on that $5,000 dollar bike with all the flashing lights and the headlamp! Oh yeah, the guy with the "Crystal Methamphetamine User Style Cranial Detachable Illumination Device."
by chas1980 March 22, 2010
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A method of illumination by taping a cheap book of matches to your forehead.
Bro 1. BRAH..I can't see in here its so fucking dark.
Bro 2. Don't worry Bromeister. I've got a coupla books of matches and some tape. I'll make us both a polish headlamp.
by saintofcircumstance August 20, 2016
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One white guy among a lot of black guys.
"Have you guys seen Derek Carr on the Oakland Raiders. Man, being the only white guy is like being a headlamp in a coal mine."
by DragonsNest April 10, 2015
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