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She mentally updated her mlog so all of her followers would know what's going on.
by mloggymloggymcmloggsalot June 24, 2010
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Multimedia Log. If Weblog = blog, Videolog = Vlog, then surely Multimedialog is MLOG
Billie created a mlog encompassing various kinds of media logs to share her stories.
by MaverickGirl June 07, 2018
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A blog or journal created on a mobile device. Similar in nature to a blog (weblog), vlog (videolog) or podcast. First mentioned by Bren on the Geek Mythologies website.
I just fully completed my first ever blog from my Windows Mobile Smartphone... I think I'm going to call this a mlog.
by IR_Moon May 23, 2007
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A blog entry made using a mobile device instead of a PC.
I fully just completed my first mlog for my website. Haha! No more tied-to-my-PC blogging!
by IR_Moon June 05, 2007
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One whose nickname, or 'handle', can be referred to as "Mason."
1:) That m-log can't fit in the mason jar.

2:) DAAAAMMMMN! Did you see that hoe from the trap house that m-log bagged?!
via giphy
by ElectrikBoogaloo November 14, 2017
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