Let’s see, Windows Mobile DOES have free apps. With all smartphones, the ONLY thing they ever have to do is manage your contacts idiot! They only have to automatically manage your E-Mail, SMS, MMS, and social networking. Other phones such as Blackberry, iPhone, and Android phones also need a mandatory data connection so why JUST bash WinMo for also needing one? Also after using the HTC Touch Pro2 I can ensure the 3G is far from slow. Also Windows Mobile has a task manager to end apps if you aren't using them, the only reason they stay running is because the OS is MADE for multitasking and the ability to switch from app to app freely without having to start them all over. (Ex: Listening to music on Windows Media Player while replying to an text, then switching to the internet browser to copy and paste a paragraph into the Microsoft Word document you had running in the background for a project you had due for your boss, then when you finish the document you forward it straight to your boss through the E-Mail app w/o ever having to even touch a computer) They also have an option in the settings to close the app instantly when you click the 'X' (or to tap and hold the 'X') so you don't have to go through task manager. The only people who complain about Windows Mobile are the idiots too dumb to learn how to use something. Windows Mobile 6.5 has an awesome easy to use interface and on HTC phones they make it even easier to use with HTC Sense or TouchFlo 3D.
My favorite Windows Mobile phone out right now is the HTC Touch Pro2. Th best Windows Phone devices out right now are the Touch Pro2, the HTC HD2, the AT&T Tilt2, the HTC Fuze ECT. IMHO the HTC HD2 is an iPhone/Android killer, don't believe me? Go on YouTube and search up reviews for the HTC HD2.
by MicrosoftFanboyKweezy August 13, 2010
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Windows mobile is a language written for phones that has been widely accepted and is the Microsoft answer to the Apple iPhone. Windows Mobile is a computer based system, and is often referred to as PocketPC or Smartphone. Although, it's supposed to be a "smart" phone, this system is anything otherwise.

This phone cannot automatically handle anything but contact information and downloaded sounds, but let's you mess with the program like you know what you're doing, resulting in many phones being returned.

This phone has no free applications, and still require a high scale business in order to work like a phone. It's ringtones set for texts are not cancelled by opening the text, resulting in text ringtones needing to be less than 10 seconds. This phone, although it's supposed to be smart, still requires cell phone service and a data plan to use the internet, and still runs too slow on the net.

The only smart thing about this phone is that it may read windows media content and use them for videos and ringtones. Other than that, it sucks.
I was going to call you, but my stupid windows mobile phone wouldn't quit any of it's apps, so the battery was completely wasted by the time I remembered.
by KT JDDD August 10, 2010
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