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An expression used when one feels lethargic. It is a hybrid of the word bleh and the word mlah - the two prior stages one experiences before one achieves the mleh state of being.
"I have just achieved the mleh stage"
by Sizzle Tizzle January 30, 2008
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Mleh! Is the sound someone makes when he is about to lick another. In IM its also used
Two boy's are laying on bed and the one jumps atop of the other. He licks his face but before that he say's: mleh

IM: the rules of the mleh in an instant messenger are the following. The mleh, : P , : d must be in three different lines. example:

: p
: d
by mlehmellek May 09, 2010
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A random word of importance. Can also be used as an explanation of something you dont know the answer to.
1) Me: well... well... MLEH!!!!

2) Person #1: Are you sure...?
Me:... MLEH!!!
by Dylan Kirkpatrick February 05, 2005
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Mleh, was in fact, contrary to popular belief and the person above this definition, made up in a small conversation between two stunningly good looking and intelligent people in malvern. I wont mention Names but they know who they are. The person who thinks they invented the word mleh, must have heard it in a conversation after it spread out in great waves from malvern and should not be blamed for thinking they invented it although one of the people who REALLY invented it may or may not be of the opinion that anyone who thinks that they may have invented it should be severely repremanded.

The word mleh is a short word that can be used in any way, if someone says something you dont agree with but you think tht if u disagree they'll think you're sad you say mleh. If someone asks you a long boring question tht requires a long boring answer you say mleh. If someone is trying to split up with you and you feel like having a chuckle at their expense(serves them right for dumping you) say mleh! MLEH!
'dont you think tht slipknot are gay!' '...Mleh'

'Look im trying to be serious here! i dont think we can stay together! stop saying mleh!' 'mleh!...*snigger*'
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mleh- a very interesting word. it can mean just about anything.mleh is thee greatest word, in the world. that i made up. so dont use it!!! hehehe. yes im satisfied.
ex: haha i beat, well 2 bad, etc. its can also be used 2 break an awkward moment of silence.
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