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The ghetto of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Known for its many shootings and stabbings a year and the many rape victims who had to move to other regions because of death threats. Can also be called "THE HOOD".
"o man. i went to malvern and i came back with 12 bullet holes in my car"
by POPOPO July 13, 2005
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A small town in the central western region of England. Once known for it's healing waters, now known for an interesting demographic mix of old age pensioners, hippies and chavs.
malverner # 1: Fuckin hell bo! Two's on that fag!
malverner # 2: Fuckin off ya cunt, I'm going down the retail park to show off me new shop mobility cart.
by Dolph69 March 04, 2006
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Town in southeastern Pennsylvania located about 20 miles east of Philly. The Borough of Malvern is home to 3,500 geriatrics who all go to 1 pharmacy, 1 convenience store, and 47 antique stores. The borough is about 1 square mile but all the business is located in one half, the blacks have their section and the rich have their place (though they seem to be taking over the black sections). People think they are from Malvern, but most are retards because Malvern mailing address is the size of Cuba. Also sometimes referred to as bumblefuck, PA
1. "We're rich and Catholic! Let's move to Malvern"
2. "We're black and Baptist! Let's move out of Malvern"
3. "We're old! Let's die in Malvern"
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 20, 2004
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I'm sick of all these definitions about Malvern. I grew up in Malvern, I have family there still. I got into University of Toronto (downtown) though, full scholarship. I'm tamil. I lived in Malvern for a good 17 years, I don't remember any deaths, shootings, friends killing friends on principle or for any other reason! My parents, and many of the other residents of Malvern, no matter what race, were/are first year immigrants and worked their asses off in order to escape persecution in their home country to get to Canada. In my graduating year of high school, almost all of the students went to University or College. A lot to UofT Scarborough, since this university is IN Malvern.
Quit talking nonsence about Malvern. You've never lived here, taken a step in here, SO WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE YOU HAVE?!
by Informed. August 31, 2006
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a little town between canton and minerva that has a lot of drama and drugbusts. there is no mcdonalds there are about 15 churches a school a gas station and a dairy queen
its filled with old people and immature teenagers
the kids start having sex in 5th grade
start drinking and smoking in 6th and go to AA by the seventh grade
dont get me wrong its an amazing place to grow up
the town is centered around its school and athletics
but its got more drugs and alcohol than all of germany because the town loves their kids but they dont care about them
and it pisses me off
especially when stupid bitchy whores become salutatorians of the 2008 graduating class
guy- Hey theres a party in malvern tonight!
girl- Sweet lets go and tomorrow we can have a hangover and an abortion!!
by hornet fan August 25, 2008
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