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Made popular by Mr. Mackey on the Comedy Central show South Park. Said after every sentence. Used in Place of ok.
by Gilby January 02, 2006
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Popularized by Mr. Mackey of South Park. Can be added to the end of nearly any sentence. Also used alone as a question.
"You can do it 'mkay"
by Akujin Rurouni October 23, 2003
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Slang for "Ok" originally coined in the cartoon South Park.

Pronounced: Mmmm Kay
Terrorist are bad "M-Kay"
by Todd M. Lowdermilk June 05, 2005
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A word commonly used by guidanceโ€™s councilor Mr. Macky from South Park that refers to okay..

On another note m'kay might be linked to the creators of South Park - Matt Stone / Trey Parker and there love of K / Ketamine

Drugs are bad m'kay.....
by chuckthefuk January 19, 2006
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It's used on the popular television show South Park by Mr. Mackey (not Garrison) in place of certain obscenities.
"Step 4: Dont say fuck any more because fuck is the worst word that you can say, So just use the word m'kay!" - Mr. Mackey

by SpaceCowboy June 09, 2006
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Saying okay South Park style.
(came from Mr. Maki, m'kay?*lol)
1) I'm gonna go kill myself...m'kay?
2) South Park is the shizzle...m'kay?
by Skittles! May 24, 2005
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