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Another way of saying Okay.
Billybob:Mkay, today class we will learn about skull fucking mkay
by L2L1 March 27, 2005

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The state of New Jersey of which newjersyinites live in. Term is usaly used in California.
Watch out fo dem dawgs in Camden down in dat Garbage State.
by L2L1 March 26, 2005

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1.A cover that you slip over your peeper to prevent it from catching a cold.

2.A stick that helps keep your penis erect.
1.Float like butterfly; sting like a bee; I slept with your moma and didn't use my winkle stick; now it burns where I pee.

2.I need a winkle stick to keep my cock from shrivling up inside your vagina.
by l2l1 June 21, 2006

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Mother Fucker in spanish
Cuha madre el Passo el gabidos
Mother Fucking El Passo Shit Head
by L2L1 March 28, 2005

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1.When your fraustrated becuase someone called you an asswipe ad you can think of anything better but to put fuck in front of wipe.
2.A moist towlet used to clean up an area were people have had sex
3.A person that cleans up seamen.
1.Bob:you are such an asswipe
Tim:Yah... well you are a fuckwipe
2.Ugh... Only a fuckwipe can clean this stain.
3.Where the hell is that fuckwipe? He should have cleaned this pillow a moment a go.
by L2L1 March 26, 2005

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Someone like a fuck wipe except they use a fuck wipe to clean any stain made by seamen or vaginal fluids.
Someone find me a fuck wiper, I fucked this bitch so hard the whole bed smells like dead fish from her vaginal fluids. And don't forget the seamen on the the head board. That's it... yah ok bend over more... there we go. Damn thats nice underwear you got on... oh my god wht the fuck is that coming out of your ass! Get yourself a fuck wipe!
by L2L1 March 28, 2005

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1.A gay flamer. Some on who wears clothes with fire on them.

2.Some one who can manage to be queerer then a queer bag.

3.A bundle of sticks on fire.
1.BillyBob:Look at that guy coming out of the gay bar in all the flameing clothes.
JimmyJoeJackson:Who? The flaming fagot?

2.That guy is seriously a flaming fagot. He just ran up to me in a pink shirt with the word "queer" across it and probed me in the ass with an umbrella hat and stuck his head inside.

3.Go retrive me a flaming fagot to warm this queer house of ours.
by L2L1 March 29, 2005

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