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m. Noun

Refers to a guy who's very stupid in a daily basis, seems angry 24/7, and LOVES WRITING IN CAPS, but when it comes to his gf he's the sweetest, cutest, most adorable human being. He only deserves the best this world can offer. He is loved and appreciated a fucking lot. Plus he's freaking hot.

In brief, he's an angel, a very clumsy dorky angel who loves sushi, dogs, and sebastian stan.
Bleck stop using caps.
wow, you're really slow, bleck.
Can't believe how adorable bleck's dog is.
No, Bleck, stop asking for my nudes.
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by amy santiago October 21, 2018
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int. a combination of the word bleh and eck. it has precisely the same meanings associated with those two words though merged into one, supreme word.

adj. an arbitrary word, used when describing something negatively while in a neutral state of mind.
fatyogurt34: i love peas and carrots!

jimmydo8: ..bleck..
by Alex March 06, 2005
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