An outburst of great distaste or displeasure.
"Bleck! This sandwich tastes like wall!"
by AbePwns March 7, 2008
m. Noun

Refers to a guy who's very stupid in a daily basis, seems angry 24/7, and LOVES WRITING IN CAPS, but when it comes to his gf he's the sweetest, cutest, most adorable human being. He only deserves the best this world can offer. He is loved and appreciated a fucking lot. Plus he's freaking hot.

In brief, he's an angel, a very clumsy dorky angel who loves sushi, dogs, and sebastian stan.
Bleck stop using caps.
wow, you're really slow, bleck.
Can't believe how adorable bleck's dog is.
No, Bleck, stop asking for my nudes.
by amy santiago October 21, 2018
disgusting, vile, sickening, nauseating, gross
Bleck! You need to throw that salad dressing away! It expired three years ago!
by Dream Weaver June 17, 2015
The sound whales emit during sexual intercourse.
Whale A: You like that baby?

Whale B: BLECKK!!!!!
by DJeezy July 25, 2008
Another way of saying black.
Cause im bleck?”
by Bleeck October 6, 2018
Bleck is not a color, bleck is the way you carry yourself. if your bleck that means your a fob.
You seen that one nigga Isaiah, he’s so bleck
by KingOfBlecks December 14, 2021
A mixture of oil and grease or oil and general filth. Black in colour and extremely difficult to wash out of clothes.
"Just going out on my bike, mum."

"Well don't get bleck on those trousers!"
by finaldiner September 26, 2011