Fairly attractive actress best known for her role on the OC. The only other place I've seen her was in The Sixth Sense. She's the dead girl that got killed by her mother. Word is she has an eating disorder, and ironically, her first appearance in The Sixth Sense shows her scaring the crap out of Cole Sear due to the green stuff pouring from her mouth.
I was watching The Sixth Sense and my buddy was like, "Dude, that's Mischa Barton! Wait, is it? Yeah!" Then I said, "Yeah, she's on The O.C.! Sweet!"
by Mike Counts December 4, 2006
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one of the hottest chicks i've ever seen on television!
she's sooo cute

known from o.c. california as marissa
basic instinct
i'd love mischa to suck my d1.ck
by wallawalla March 3, 2005
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quite possibly the hottest Brit to walk the earth.
wow, that mischa barton bird from the OC is so hot, i want to fuck her in all her holes!
by moosemoose March 31, 2006
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(extended because UD needs to have at least 3 words: Mischa Barton is pale, skinny and lacks any real sex appeal to any form of life with a spinal column. Probably attractive to moluscs though.)
"Argh, I just saw Mischa Barton on The OC." "Quick, to the bathroom, we have eye-soap."
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a slutty girl who thinks she's pretty
oh, she's acting like mischa again
by Tannie March 31, 2005
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An ugly, non talent girl, who looks like a forty year old woman, and sounds like a man.
"Wow, that forty two year old smoking waste looks and sounds like Mischa Barton!"
by Lindsay_Lou July 15, 2006
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Did you ever watch 'The O.C.'?
The thin girl with a face so gorgeous you wanted to eat it!
Well, that my friends is Mischa Barton!
Riley: So, what does your new girlfriend look like?
Michael: No word of a lie - she's in the Mischa Barton league!
Riley: Seriously? You lucky f**ker!
by ChooseRedBull June 26, 2010
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