A documentary-style tv show on HBO that covers topics like sex toys, brothels, swingers, drag queens, the porn industry, and sex shows. Don't let the documentary aspect of the show fool you, its basically just porn.
I learned how to give a good blow job on Real Sex last night, and then I got really turned on when they had a big segment about strip clubs.
by cupgame May 19, 2006
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Real sex doll, is human, and female, wants anything, do whatever to her, there is no limit in her choice, she wants to be used.
"Dude, last weekend I hooked up with a real sex doll, I was able to do anything, nsa, no fbw, just used her, that's she wanted."
by secret907chick February 11, 2014
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This describes when one is getting really serious. It comes from the show "Real sex talk with Sue" where an inappropriately old lady gives sex advice that is very graphic.
Things are getting real sex talk with sue in here!
by Savvy1 November 10, 2010
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Sex between a man and a woman. The act of performing sexual intercourse the way the good Lord intended it to be.
Caitlin: It was so weird because my lesbian gym teacher taught me about sex.
Chris: That's awkward.
Caitlin: Yeah! She doesn't even have real person sex!
Chris: lol real person sex?
Caitlin: Yeah like between a man and a woman!
by Brobot0001000 November 8, 2010
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