MIP abbreviation for Making It Pay!

Making it pay- a sexual act.
Making it pay- masturbation
Similar to BIU
Arni: Hey, where's Rick?
Jake: Oh, I heard him MIP in the other room.
Arni: Like a nigga.
by Arni Duckheart January 01, 2010
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abbreviation - Most Improved Player.

an award in Australian Rules Football which is given to the worst player that has made some kind of an improvement in there skills (usually only slightly). second worst accolade you could win in local league aussie rules behind the Coaches Award.
Jacko played pretty bad this year, but he made a decent kicking improvement over the home/away season, lets just give him MIP”
by ThePushupKing October 25, 2017
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Those kids at your school that everyone hates because they're ridiculously confident and cool. In fact, they're the only ones that don't realise that no-one likes them, they think everyone wants to be them (they're total dims). They wear the juicy sweaters and have the fake nails and are total {bitches}. Originally, mip stood for Meanie In a Pot, from a stupid inside joke the Mips had; complete with song that was enflicted on everyone.
O lord...what Mips!! They're all wearing pink with jeans...except for Jenna...I guess she missed the memo.

She's become such a mip ever since she dumped Jack.
by shmooks June 24, 2006
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Sound to show slight displeasure or simple contentment
Example one:
Person 1- (trips on shoe lace and bumps into chair) Ah..Ah, MIP!

Example two:
Person 1- (goes in for hug from old friend) Mip...
by lilmarycarson September 12, 2011
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n., an acronym for 'mullet in progress'; a discreet method of mullet identification in public.
As you and your friend stop into the local convienience store for a slushie, you spot a tall, white and trashy gentleman sporting what appears to be a mullet. To notify your friend, without making it obvoious your making fun of the mullet, a quick 'mip' and a hand signal will let them know where to look to see the WT.
by Ms. Roxx January 02, 2004
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mip (v) for any act of oral sex. mip was made popular in chicago public highschools such as Jones College Prep in the 02-03 school year.

However, mip is also often used as a meaningless buzzword (i.e. cool, hey, etc)
"what u been up to?"
"got some mip"


"been mippin'"

*somebody does something stupid/funny*
then yell "mip!"
by Curtis June 09, 2004
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