The area of skin on a woman's lower abdomen that should have pubic hair, but instead the hair has been shaved off for the purpose of wearing excessively low pants.
"Dude, those jeans are so low she's just showing the mint off to everybody."
by Pandalove August 30, 2008
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The definition of Olivia Todd-A mint human being
Person 1:That girl is mint
Person 2:Of course she is! She's Olivia Todd
by Livielou1012 June 08, 2016
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Acronym for "Mom I'd Not Turn (down)"

A female of or just beyond child-bearing years who is mildly attractive, especially when assessed during periods of moderate inebriation.
Remember that MINT at the bar last night? She gave me an Old Fashioned in the parking lot after buying a dozen shots.
by ButFingaz June 30, 2011
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verb- Mint- to mint, minting, minted.

A replacement for the expression "coining a phrase"
because COIN is not a verb...and anyway, you don't coin a coin, you mint one...hence....minting a phrase.
I thought I had minted the phrase "Cropdusting" turns out I had not.
by Conner 'Superboy' Kent October 16, 2011
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gaming Alias; By many considered to be the best european sniper in the Call of Duty series.
mint fires off a mint shot
by twillburn April 23, 2008
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