Something that is considered to be very good.

Used by too many fools in West London.
You should see his new ride, it's minting man.
by Anonymous June 6, 2003
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Getting mint is the term many teens use for household drug. Mint is when you put vinegar in one ear and toothpaste in the other. Mint is a hallucinogenic drug. the effects of mint can last for about twenty minutes. Its chill
1) Dude did you see Frank last night?
2) no why?
1)he was trippin balls!
2) was he minting?! classic frank
by Mintbro May 10, 2011
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When you say you enjoyed the food in an annyoed tone
Person 1: "The food was delicious!"
Person 2: "Did you hear how annyoed he was? he was for sure minting
by pprider69 March 13, 2020
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Mint refers to something that is more than cool, such as awesome. Just like it's usage in describing an item as being in mint condition, if you say that something is mint you are referring to it as being flawless or close to it. The word can be used to describe many types of things including an object, thought, or idea. It is almost always said in an excited tone. Mint used in this manner was most popular in the 1980's, mainly amongst kids and young adults.
by uawildcat182 May 17, 2018
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1. Nice
2. Cool
Man, that shit is mint.
by scott andrew November 25, 2003
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Expression used in The North Of England meaning good
Ah, thats well mint!
by jms November 1, 2002
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Look at her she is is mint would mean That girl over there is attractive
by hoganknowsbest September 2, 2009
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