After a long hard day's work you come home, grab a Miller Lite out of the fridge and enjoy a few cold ones.
by l337 H4x0r January 27, 2004
Miller time is the last couple of minutes in a close basketball game, especially playoffs when Reggie Miller really starts kicking ass, (and taking names)
Did u see that thirty foot buzzer beating bank shot by REG?, DAMN! its MILLER TIME!!
by Kevin bitch December 29, 2005
A party,shin dig, or gathering consisting of as little as 2 or 3 people , but can sky-rocket to the population of the general public of Lowell,MA. Miller Time! is a great way to relieve stress, hang out with friends, catch up on old times, and get piss drunk or do whatever you do best. Miller Time! is also the name of the legend himself, the founder of MT!, Miller Time!
( If you think you can get away with spelling it without an exclamation point you are so wrong )
Pat: Dude are you goin' to Miller Time! on Friday?
Zach: Why are you even asking me this?
by P-Tizzle September 10, 2006
The ironic moment -- and ensuing eternity --when you realize the best beer available at a public event from which there is no escape is most often sold in thirty-packs of cans.
Ray: Hey, what's on tap?
Bud: Miller. And Miller Lite.
Ray: I guess it's Miller time. Ha ha.
Bud: Yep. I guess that's right.
by silverstoned June 11, 2004
the moment you know you fucked up when kevin miller, former player for the UCF Mens Football team, prepares to get down and dirty and whoop your little highschool ass in whatever sport you may be doing, whether it be lacrosse, football, or even Can Jam. The man is a beast.
Child #1: Yo I think Miller is preparing to do it to us
Child #2: We should have never challenged him!
by MILLERS ANGEL June 28, 2019
it means things are get hot, and if you cant handle it get the f*ck out.
by Miller Chris August 13, 2007
When one has a quick spasm of autism whenever someone says the words: "It's Miller Time." They usually shake their heads fiercely and show signs of autism.
Me: Hey Dennis.
Dennis: What?

Me: It's Miller Time.
Dennis: HeRBEHKAKDADA (Shakes head fiercely)
by Definitely not Daniel February 2, 2018