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A horrendous mixed consistency bowel moment with painful burning caused by spicy or unhealthy food, much like the taco shits, but with or without the presence of Mexican food.
Mike got the milburns from that Cajun food last night and was crying in the bathroom all day.

My milburns where so bad I had to sit in the bathtub afterwords.
by thorn_in_side May 02, 2011
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Sheffield based rock band, friends of Arctic Monkeys.
Milburn have hit rocked the charts with their hit song, 'send in the boys' They have released their debut album 'Well well well' and are currently doing well as newcomers.

They support sheffield wednsday and started out their band in one of their granny's attic. classy.

"They'll take you on a holiday
Maybe to the seaside, maybe they'll just give you away
They'll drop you off and say goodbye" - Milburn's 'Send in the boys'
by Kawaiikino October 10, 2006
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race of super-Catholic, extended breast-feeding Cro-Magnons attempting to make up the total population of the earth by the year 2020.
Thanks to those damn Milburns we will all be in the minority now!
by minority figure December 01, 2006
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