Always puts others first, the queen of kindness, full of empathy, pretty, funny, confident, and easy going. The best friend anyone could have. Loyalty and honesty are very important. Amazing lover and a true romantic. Full of love and wants to share it.
That’s a Jerri
by Just a Smitten Kitten July 15, 2018
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I’m tired of women wasting my time, I need a Jerri in my life.
by Waltt December 1, 2019
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the most awesomest girl, hot, smart, a human calculator, the best wifey on earth, a hot damn flower child. gorgeous eyes, great personality. and purple. :)
who's that purple girl over there?

what?! don't you know sheesh.

no i dont tell me.

it jerri. :)
by Gracey Jayy. August 26, 2008
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A heartless person, Not able to love, Is afraid to commit to anyone, This girl will eat your soul. Fools people with her extreme good looks in order to attract people to her.
Jim: That girl over there was so rude to me.

Jill: Ya i know she is such a Jerri!!
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Usually means someone's about to get into a fight or argument and/or you're instigating a fight or argument. Comes from The Jerry Springer Show.
Person1: Your vagina is deeper than poetry
Person2: I'd usually give a fuck but I already gave it to your mom last night.

Random person: JERRY JERRY JERRY!
by shortbusshawty August 27, 2014
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Accepting a cake or other product off Jerry resulting in losing a few hours and a good night's sleep.
I ate that brownie and now I'm jerried
by The original alchemist September 6, 2021
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A Bucknell Class of 2011 student that lazes around its filthy dwellings all day long, misses its classes, eats like hell, and sleeps for 12-18 hours per day. Somehow it is still in school and manages to justify going out to party three times per week.
"Hey, look! The Jerry!"
"Hey Jerry!"
"Jerry get the fuck up its 6:00pm"
"Jerry you should have given up fudge for Lent"
by M-Deezy Jr. April 26, 2009
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