a possible 11-14 year old using “taken 🔐💕 class of ‘24 ✌️ VLMS 📚” as their instagram bio. they often put their 11:11, “send me honest messages”, and post random clips of them at school on snapchat. they text EVERYONE they know at school when they are working on homework or want to gO tO tHe mALL aNd bUy MatCHiNg OUtfIts.
stacy: omg are you a middle schooler!?
jason: yea
by yeehaw lady September 29, 2019
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a group of kids ages 10-14 that are annoying af.
middle schoolers like to make dirty jokes and make fun of anything. Another type of middle schooler is a thot that is “relevant” and has a lot of “friends” and dates every “relevant” middle schooler ever. The other kind of middle schooler is the annoying bitch that likes to make a comment about everything and gets in everyone’s conversation and thinks they’re talking about her (most likely they probably are). And all middle schoolers cuss, and make dirty jokes. (There are wayyy more types of middle schoolers)
Before middle school Alex was Quiet and respectful. Now he is a dirty minded middle schooler who isn’t respectful and makes fun of girls.
by sadcowboy June 29, 2019
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People ussely attending a school with grades 6-8 or 6-9

1. A whore druggie or dumbass who think there way older then they are they they sleep around do drugs or piss evryone off
2. A kid who a actuly may be funny nice or even just kinda anoying they may do drugs but don't brag about it most of the ones in this category are virgins
Guy 1.Bro my sister Kayla is knocked up and the guy got busted with acid
Guy 2. Isn't she in 7th grade
Guy 1. Yeah stupid middle schooler

Girl 1. Sorry I was busy
Girl 2 what were you doing
Girl 1. Hanging out with Omar
Girl 2. Who's Omar
Girl 1. This awsome 8th grader
by Randomuser117 September 13, 2012
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A middle schooler who wants to commit suicide, in other words, middle school in 2019.
"bro i feel nothing inside, i just want to die"
via giphy
by FakezFN September 23, 2019
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A handjob. Because middle school is the last time you should get one.
So I'm hooking up with this chick last night and she won't even put it in her mouth. Next thing I know I'm getting a real dry middle schooler from this chick... greeeeeat.
by Conzi517 May 06, 2010
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