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An African-American (mainly from the 1970s) that adorned an unusually large afro.
Tyrone: Wow Leroy, if you graduated in '72, your yearbook probably looked like a collection of microphones.
Leroy: Graduate? Who you talkin' to nigga?
by pleco November 30, 2005

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The difference in the overall personalities and classroom behavior between teachers (specifically high school teachers) who have received tenure, and those who have not. For example, a teacher without tenure may be overly cautious in class in order to avoid offending anybody in the slightest, whereas a tenured teacher simply couldn't give a shit.
Person 1: "Hey, dude, how do you think our chemistry teacher got away with whipping his dick out in class?"
Person 2: "You know, the tenure gap."
by Pleco September 27, 2017

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When somebody is shopping in a retail store, and a person (usually a curious or misbehaved child) presses a sound sample button with the intention of annoying /embarrassing nearby shoppers with the sound.
Wife: Did you get anything at Walmart?

Husband: No. Some jerk kid standing next to me hit a sound button, so I had to get out of there before the retail embarassment set in.
by Pleco December 23, 2014

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A "meme" website that claims to showcase the best "dank memes," but is actually a leading distributor of the lowest, most unfunny normie-level memes on the internet.
Person 1: "Haha, look at this meme!"
Person 2: "Dude... why are you on me.me? That site makes iFunny look like Reddit."
by Pleco October 03, 2017

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When one feels the urge to fart, but isn't sure whether or not defecation will occur.
Rolling the dice is always a gamble, sometimes you're okay, sometimes you crap out.
by pleco December 01, 2005

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