The area code for central Los Angeles, namely downtown LA and surrounding cities. In general, used to represent the West Coast as a whole and not an individual city within Los Angeles County (such as Long Beach or Compton).
Represent the 213.
by Anonymous February 11, 2003
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area code in LA usually represented by the rap group 213 (snoop dogg, warren g, wc). 213 is in LA but many people think about compton and Long beach. LBC is 562, not 213.
snoopy d o dubba g reppin da 213.
by BK in da LBC NIGGA! March 11, 2005
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A telephone area code in California. Originally (in 1947) covered all of Southern California, but its territory has shrunk over the years and it is now one of the smallest area codes in the North American Numbering Plan, covering only downtown Los Angeles and a few adjacent neighborhoods (USC, for example). The last split from 213 directly occurred in 1998, when area code 323 was formed. 323 completely surrounds 213.

213 is notable in rap culture for being referenced by prominent rappers in the 1980s as the area code at the time of Compton and Long Beach. Both cities were split into 310 upon its creation in 1991. In 1997, 562 was split from 310, taking Long Beach with it.
Yes, despite its popular association with the wealth and status of tony Westside neighborhoods and Beverly Hills, area code 310 does include Compton, as does its recent (2006) overlay, 424, though all of these places were originally 213.
by bored-pedant March 16, 2010
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A HipHop Crew about Warren G, Snoop Doggy Doss and Nate Dog
by VAKI5 August 16, 2003
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Area code to the Core, although not neccesarily the Heart of LA. (For the Heart of LA, see 323) It's territory includes all of Downtown LA, plus surrounding areas such as Westlake, Boyle Heights, and Echo Park. For other area codes in Los Angeles, check 310(West LA),323(already mentioned, encircles the 213), and 818 (the Valley)
Cause smoking some chronic in the boy's room of Staple Center is what it's about, I be reppin' the 213, 'cause you know it's got clout.
by platinumpenguin March 31, 2005
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the area code of a certain part of LA, usually used to represent Compton or Longbeach.

also, a rap group that has existed for ten years but has only put out their debut album this year.
Still rock my khakis with a cuff and a crease
Still got love for the streets, repping 213
Still the beat bangs, still doing my thang
Since I left, ain't too much changed, still
by boom boom b August 23, 2004
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213 is non-vital information pertaining to a particular topic when used in regards to the 411; 411 meaning information.
"I'm going to give him the 411 and the 213." I am going to give him the necessary information AND some other not really related information.
by Anooslicker September 28, 2018
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