hop, hair-on
a bayarea group
by YoungCali August 28, 2003
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Let's set the record STR8!! 11-5 was originally a police code name for Heroine in particular, and narcotics in general. Back in the 1980's OG's from the Infamous East Oakland Turf known as Sobrante Park(SPG's) named their turf 11-5 because of all the dope dealing that was going on in that nieghborhood back in the days. Over ten years later, in the 90's a San Francisco rap group originally part of the rap group "Cold World Hustlers" started calling themselves 11/5. Know your history people!
Dude over there from 11-5 is a Str8 Up Sobrante Park Gangsta!
by The Sensei March 4, 2005
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That need to shit. Makes it sound more appropriate.
"Man, I've got 5-11 like you would NOT believe"
by Satchmo II March 26, 2003
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Guy Fawkes Night in the UK, celebrating the Gunpowder Plot of 5th November 1605, when religious fundamentalists were thwarted in their attempted terrorist attack against the Houses of Parliament in the United Kingdom. A proposed new name for these celebrations in line with the modern tradition of referring to significant events using just numbers (although in the UK the day comes before the month).
Will you come to our 5/11 celebrations? You’ll be shocked and awed by our fireworks display…
by asweeetas March 25, 2010
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Everyone's talking about 9/11 when 2 planes hit the twin towers in 2001, but no one's talking about 5/11 in 2023 when I filled my boss's car with 100 paper airplanes. What a tragic day it was, sadface.
"Remember 5/11?"
"Yes I do. I still keep finding them in my car sadface."
by Yee33errr00op June 16, 2023
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I wrote this a 5:11 pm...
Oh wait now its 5:14 pm.
What time is it?

-5:11 pm

That was 3 minutes ago.

Ok so its now 5:15 pm
by Average French Canadian September 26, 2022
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