a crazy-ass son of a bitch
ask anyone, they will agree that michael myers is one crazy-ass son of a bitch
by midnytkillr August 05, 2011
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a horror movie character. As a kid he was posessed by this thang called thorn, he killed his sister and he was sent to tha loony bin, then he escaped 15 years later and then he went to haddonfield ilinois to kill the rest of his family,
guy #1 Who the fuck is that?
guy #2 Thats Michael Myers!
(Michael stabs both guys to death and hangs them upside down in his closet)
by LIL O.G. May 07, 2006
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A famous celebrity, best known for his work on Saturday Night Live, as well as his movies: Austin Powers, Shrek, and even The Cat in the Hat (Which wasn't very well-accepted by the media, or the public for that matter, but come on: It's Michael freakin' Myers!)
"Yeah, shagadellic, baby!" he's known for saying.
by Dark Chaos July 29, 2004
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Oh that fucking creep? Oh hell no... he brutally murders his family! What the fuck!!! What the hell is he mad at them? Revenge??
The meaning is that Michael Myers is a fucking creepo
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by Creppy lady October 21, 2018
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A Major league closer for the 2004 MLB World Champ Boston RedSx. Was also a closer for the 2001 MLB Champs, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Aka: Mike Myers.
Yo, Mike Myers has 2 Baseball Championship rings. Damn hes good.
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Not to be confused with Austin Powers or Shrek.

Guy with a white as the KKK mask and boiler suit who kills horny teens and hospital workers with a kitchen knife. Also, he's smarter and more resilient than anyone else, and could dominate that fat fuck Jason Vorhees.
Laurie: Was that the Bogeyman?
Busta Ryhmes: No, slut! That was fuckin' Michael Myers!
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by ryhlyh February 24, 2017
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