There is not much of a man because 90% of him is his huge cock.
I'm afraid he has the "Michael Hall" condition, doctor. His cock is just too big.
by Truthsquared 719 July 15, 2017
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The world is an interesting place with changes and troubles to say the least. For many, the phenomenon of creation is based on religion and perhaps science for some. This story of creation has little to do with religion or science but has everything to do with an individual who has achieved every aspect of life. Michael C. Hall was the first man to walk on the rings of Saturn and the first actor and actress (because he is neither man or women but an element of the spiritual world) to play in a hit HBO series entitled “Dexter”. The character Dexter is based upon the real life of Michael C. Hall, no aspect of the series is written because camera crews film his life on a day-to-day base. He is renown for his creation of the band Journey and their hit song “Don’t Stop Believing” (which he wrote and composed as he brushed his teeth, always brush your teeth). His morning gristle is always fresh and he does not require a clean shave since his gristle is permanent at its current and ideal length. Michael C. Hall completes his morning exercise routine that consists of a brisk sprint to the Galapagos Islands, followed by a three-legged race to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago of Northern Canada that is situated in the Arctic Ocean on his own. The sweat that accumulates during this morning routine is collected and used to sustain the growth of the worlds Aloe plant supply. Michael C. Hall is the manliest man to walk the Earth and has an IQ of forever. It has been speculated that the cure for polio lies within Michael C. Hall’s blood, but it could never be proven, as it may possibly never be extracted for the reason that his skin is far too rugged for any needle or medical utensil to puncture, although in all likelihood this is indeed a fact. Whenever somebody asks the question “Why?”, Michael C. Hall is the only person on earth who can answer with “because” without being prompted for any further explanation. The Grand Canyon is actually not a canyon at all. After great controversy it was proven to be a gaping hole left by Michael C. Hall after he dug up enough sand to construct The Great Pyramids located in Egypt (which of course he built by hand in between tapings of his hit reality television biography, “Dexter”). “Michael C. Hall” is only Michael C. Hall’s full first name. His full name is “Michael C. Hall That Bad Son of a Bitch”, but to prevent poop boots (a mess), he recommends you call him by his first name only. Note: The following has been documented with confidence of authenticity.

Jon: Did you hear about that movie coming out next week?
Shaun: Yeah, the one that has to be projected on a solid sheet of diamond to be viewed.
Jon: Man, Michael C. Hall and Samuel L. Jackson are going to be something else.

by Jonathan and Shaun July 10, 2008
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a god of sorts. he rules the underworld, and hell on earth. he decides who lives and who dies. if he is not busy preparing funeral services (six feet under), you can find him stalking his latest prey (dexter). don`t ever underestimate this man. he will fuck you up if you dare try to undermine him. he has a can of whoop ass ready to open up and use at any given moment. praise this fine, fine man.
"duddddde, lets watch dexter tonight!"

"for sure man. i would never miss a show with michael c hall in it for the world."
by portiababy April 27, 2012
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