A God among actors. He's so important, that you have to include the "L" in his middle name every time you talk about him.
Kid: Who's Samuel Jackson?
Me: Shut your bitch mouth, infidel! *slaps* It's Samuel L. Jackson, and don't you EVER FORGET IT!
by RazorPine October 10, 2005
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"Dude, did you see Pulp Fiction?"
"Yeah, that guy Samuel L. Jackson is such a bad-"
"Shut yo mouth!"
"I'm just talkin about SLJ!"
"We can dig it."
by Maggy June 13, 2003
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He's the guy that plays every black person in every movie ever.
"Hey man who's that guy that plays that black guy in that movie?"
"Probably Samuel L. Jackson"
"What about that other movie where the dude died and the guys did the stuff?"
"Samuel L. Jackson again man."
by Unwoven Sleeve June 7, 2016
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1)Hardest working actor in Hollywood. The one nigga in H-wood you don't wanna f**k with!

2)A beer that'll "get ya drunk!!!"
1) See "Pulp Fiction," "Jackie Brown" and "Shaft," to see why he's is a bad mutha!

2)"UMM-UMM, bitch!"
by B-Money July 25, 2004
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Since appearing in pulp fiction in 1994, Samuel L. Jackson has appeared in 46 movies, thats one every 90 days, thats impressive!!!!
You bad mouth Samuel L. Jackson and him and me will kick your ass!!!
by PAGIS!!! May 9, 2006
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