>mfw gerrard scored a goal against the us after 4 minutes
by unowiel June 12, 2010
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Stands for "My Face When". Some people will type a strange emoticon after or just leave it as mfw.
>mfw :U

>mfw people think this is a remix
by TrashednScatteredD January 9, 2011
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My feet wiggle.

Used to describe situations where you feet wiggle.
"I can't dance, but MFW when the music starts."

"MFW when you tickle them."
by missjamie75 April 19, 2011
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My fucking word, a play on "my word", an exclamation typically associated with the 19th and late 20th century upper class.
mfw, how much will that cost!?
by Almighty B January 13, 2013
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"Hey, my mum just told me that my parents are getting divorced"
by ConfusedChild July 13, 2015
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Sam: Yeah last week was horrible, then today she made me sleep on the couch...

Alex: .... mfw man, best fix this
by BlackWite July 23, 2011
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An acronym for My f*king Word. A expression of surprise.
mfw, my cat just eat one of my headphone ear buds!
by backSLIDER January 17, 2011
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