short for men sex, typically used in conversations with your homies
Person 1: "Ayo my guy, you wanna have mex with me?"
Person 2: "Yes, I would love to have mex with you."
by Aspergis December 30, 2020
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The commercial grown weed that every one smokes which comes from the southern states of mexico. Mexico's cash crop
Hey Ivan where's the chronic at, don't know dog I'm just smoking that mex.
by Toro April 25, 2003
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Man friend to text, 'M' from man, 'ex' from text. Possible that the regular texting will turn into more than just friends. Includes friendly texting and flirting.
'you textin' your mex again?'
by Rio & Elton May 1, 2006
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to touch someone about the bosom area
Hey dude stop mexing me, that sh*t is gay.
by zacharias April 18, 2004
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Origin: Resessive Mexicans.
A very kee and oss Mexican with white skin and red hair which carries many strange resessive traits. Mexes often do yard work or have pressure washing businesses. They generally like to squeeze into trucks with 3 or 4 other Mexicans in them. It can be used as a name or a noun. When generically used, it can also simply mean Mexican, but it generally refers to sweaty Mexicans doing yard work.
"Hey, look there's 18 Mexes in that Toyota truck! How oss!"
"Sam's a mex."
"Hey, Mex, are you done mowing my yard?
by Jesse May 3, 2004
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To have anal intercourse with a woman several hours after taking her out for a nice Mexican meal - if timed correctly your penis will come out covered in runny feces.
I mexed that bitch last night - when I pulled my dick out it looked like a fuckin pudding pop!
by emulate March 12, 2009
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