The adjective 'metric' defines a unit of measurment that is included in the Internationl System of Units (SI).
All countries except the USA, Liberia, and Myanmar use the SI and it is furthermore the only system of units used in scientific work.
Hihi I'm some Canadian chick and the only metric I know is some dumbass band.

Ooooh look at me, I'm dumbassly defining metric as 'even more than' awesome is that.
by mynamealright January 05, 2005
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A kickass Canadian Indie band. Emily Haines (the lead singer) redefines awesome. Finally, the Canadians made something Americans will love.
Randy: "I just bought Metric's newest album. I love it."
Paul: "Yea, they suck! Listen to some good music like Green Day, John Mayer, or Linkin Park!"

Randy then proceeds to push Paul's lifeless body into the Hudson.
by A.J. Jonathan Edison III August 10, 2012
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Call center slang. This word encompasses the statistics that are taken on call center agents to determine their worth. Usually includes average handle time (AHT), wrap, hold time and a few other basic metrics as well as a few 'spin' metrics added by the client to give the client a feeling of control.
They said Rob got canned because of poor metrics, but we all know the real reason.
by Spirit Bear October 28, 2004
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Get (Metric (V.) the action of getting retarded off of MDMA or other substances measured in MilliGrams
Zach - Tones lets get metric this weekend
Tones - Sure i got some molly
by Scantron24 December 05, 2013
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a disease where multiple substances begin to flow out of your penis.
"Dude i cant believe I'm having a metricals problem right now, it all just keeps flowing on out"
by Morgan_Puppy April 20, 2015
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A female of gargantuan size.

A metric can normally be spotted in the south east of England and is often mistaken for a Land Rover Discovery.

Originates from the term “Metric tonne
“She’s a bit of a metric
“I know I’m looking at metric but I’m not sure which part of it I'm seeing”
“Ed saw metric and got an erection”
by Dr. Leeroy Funkhauser March 15, 2006
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Bad in the sense that something has gone awry, or that someone has caused something to go awry; Messed up.
Bob - "Hey, did you just hit that guy in the face for no reason?"

Steve - "Yeah, so?"

Bob - "That's pretty darn Metric of you."
Comparing the Metric and Secondary (Or standard as some call it) measurement systems in America, we find that the majority of people are more familiar with Secondary, and as such 'Metric' is awkward, different, bad, or crazy. In this sense, 'Metric' can be used to describe the attitude or actions of a person, or something else that has happened that was unintended and harmful or unwanted.
by Griffin Kennedy & Mr. Deleon December 03, 2008
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