when a male or female has a bangin' body but a jacked up face
girl 1: "guuurrrl, he so hot. he got a body like a soccer player!"
girl 2: "yeah, but he messed up from the chest up!"
by zelephantbra May 04, 2013
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1. Midwestern (You fucked up big time)
2. Hood Ghetto (You dead fucking up big time)

3. Redneck (You fuck up stupid)
4. (Rash Retaliatory manner) Get fucked, stupid)
Guy A: its a shame your mother ever spread her legs
Guy B: You done messed up bastard

Street Thug
Guy A: Yeah nah true I shagged yo girl
Guy B: You Done messed up fucka
by Ohio-Jack January 08, 2019
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Getting someone mad or having them frustrated. Pretty self explainable.
A1-Did you see dat girl Lanaika? Oh ma god!
A2-She hella bootsy! she got me messed up!

E2-Hell No, bITCH! You got me messed up!
by Bootsyself December 03, 2007
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a phrased used when someone really messes up

Guy1(really tall guy): YOU WANNA FIGHT SHORT STACK!?
Guy2(really short compared to guy1): YEAH LET'S GO JOLLY GREEN GIANT!!
*Guy2 gets punched and goes crazy*
Guy3(some rando): *yells at guy1* YOU DONE MESSED UP A-ARON!!!
by Jughead_is_life October 14, 2018
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adj. - term used to describe the inevitable outcome of any home improvement project involving painting, caulking, foam insulating, grouting, mudding, etc.
Do It Yourselfer #1: "It looks like Helen Keller caulked this tub!"
Do It Yourselfer #2: "Yeah, it's one hell of a gobbed up mess."
by Mowatt boyyyyyyyyyy April 03, 2005
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An exclamation uttered when an attempt to turn lemons into lemonade is either sabotaged or derailed.
by ExelExel August 13, 2019
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Wearing and outfit that is horribly put together
Boy ya dressed up messed up, damned You're dressed up messed up,muthafuka ya dressed up messed up
by Southern Bella February 06, 2020
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